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Dmitry Nekrestyanov gave a lecture at the Faculty of Law at St. Petersburg State University

Dmitry Nekrestyanov, PhD in Law, Partner, Head of Real Estate and Investments Practice at Kachkin & Partners, spoke to the audience of the Office of Education Programs of the Faculty of Law at St. Petersburg State University. The lecture was devoted to design works contracts.

Dmitry spoke about the specific features in legal regulation of design works contract, and he elaborated on the substantive terms of a contract and their change order. He also spoke about liabilities of  customer and contractor, and order of contract termination and gave some examples related to non-performance or violation of terms in a design works contract. Dmitry touched upon the process of conclusion a design works contract under state order: state pricing policy, requirements for a contractor and bid assessment criteria. He highlighted the aspects of the process and criteria of bid assessment for architectural competition and also drew attention to what should be considered while filing a competition appeal. Dmitry warned the participants off making mistakes in implementation of document flow under design work contract and enumerated the most common ones.


Дмитрий Некрестьянов

Адвокат, к.ю.н.
Руководитель практики по недвижимости и инвестициям

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